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Handloom Exhibition

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Handloom Exhibition 

London 2nd November 2018

High Commission of India organised and exhibition of handlooms from three states of India, showcasing the world class wool and designs unique to those states. The exhibition was held in the Nehru Centre on 2ndNovember 2018, in collaboration with the State Bank of India, Air India and CII. The rich cultural handloom heritage of India was displayed through products made from local Indian wool by Looms of Ladakh Women Co-operative, Avani and Bhuttico weavers, aiming to demonstrate the potential of Indian handloom industries to come together as an international luxury label and prepare a platform for further plan of action.

The creations of artisans were also displayed through Wool Spell Fashion Show, as a part of the Handloom Exhibition, with the aim to inspire for sustainable creations, making them visible on national and global map. It was rooted in the philosophy of ‘Sarvodaya’ and introduced luxury wool collection brought together by decentralised production in the villages of India and centralised design and distribution. It had all the producers in the value chain from farm to fashion as stakeholders. The delegation also visited a leading fashion house and held B2B meetings with stakeholders. 

Along with the artistry of weavers, the Indian handloom industry demonstrates the richness and diversity of Indian culture. With over 4.3 million people directly and indirectly involved in the production, the handloom industry is the second-largest employment provider for the rural population in India after agriculture. The objective of the exhibition was to showcase world class creations to promote Indian textile and handloom industries in the UK and introduce the artisans to the challenges and possibilities in the international market.