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High Commission of India, London, United Kingdom

India House, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4NA

E-mail : inf.london@mea.gov.in/ info.london@mea.gov.in

Telephone No. : 00-44 (0) 020-78369147

Name of the Officer/Official Designation E-mail
Ms. Gaitri Issar Kumar High Commissioner hcoffice.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Charanjeet Singh Deputy High Commissioner dhcoffice.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Sujit Ghosh Deputy High Commissioner dhc2.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Vishwesh Negi Minister (Political & Extradition and Press & Information) minpol.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Samir Kumar Jha Minister (Public Diplomacy & Consular) mincons.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Manmeet Singh Narang Minister(Coordination) mincoord.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Saurabh Narain Minister (Audit) audit.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Anil Nautiyal Counsellor (Passport & OCI) counsppt.london@mea.gov.in
Sh. Amar Jit Singh Counsellor (Coordination and Diaspora) fscoord.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Sameer Mehta Director (Audit) audit.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Subhash Ramakrishna Pillai Counsellor (Consular) counsconsular.london@mea.gov.in
Mrs. Yamuna S.V Counsellor (TAD) tad.london@mea.gov.in
Brigadier Vikramjit Singh Gill  Military Adviser miladv.london@mea.gov.in
Commodore Anil Jaggi Naval Adviser navadv.london@mea.gov.in
Air Commodore Prashant Mohan Air Adviser airadv.london@mea.gov.in
Shri M Keivom First Secretary (Political & Extradition) counspol.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Rohit Vadhwana

First Secretary(Economic and Press & Information)

Sh. Prem Kumar Jhell FS/SPPS to Minister(Coordination) pamincoord.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Samant Rohan Rajendra First Secretary (Political & Immigration) fspol.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Shitanshu Chaurasiya First Secretary, ( Education , Project& Maintenance) sspnm.london@mea.gov.in
Shri. Abhishek Sharma First Secretary (Special Assistant to the High Commissioner) sahc.london@mea.gov.in
Ms.  Lilly Gunasekar  First Secretary , (Political & International Organisations, Distressed Women Cell(DWC)) sspol.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Manoj Sharma Second Secretary(HoC) & Protocol hoc.london@mea.gov.in
Smt. Chinghoihkim Keivom First Secretary(PPS) to the Deputy High Commissioner dhcoffice.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Abhay Kumar Toppo Second Secretary (PPS) to Minister (Political & Extradition and Press & Information) minpol.london@mea.gov.in
  Second Secretary/PPS to the High Commissioner hcoffice.london@mea.gov.in
Shri Mahesh Chawla Second Secretary (Political, PD & RTI) sspol2.london@mea.gov.in
Mr Raj Kumar Duggal Second Secretary (Visa) ssvisa.london@mea.gov.in
Shri. Amish Tripathi Director (Nehru Centre) director@nehrucentre.org.uk
Shri Brij Kumar Guhare Deputy Director (Nehru Centre) deputydirector@nehrucentre.org.uk