About Us Persons of Pakistani Origin

(i)Applicants of Pakistani origin fall into two categories. The procedure is quicker and simpler for those applying on a Pakistani passport. Those applying on a non-Pakistani passport must  furnish additional details in the proforma given below.

(ii)Applicants having a Pakistani passport should apply for visa on their Pakistani passport only, even if they hold dual citizenship.

(iii)No applicant is required to renounce his/her existing Pakistani (dual) citizenship for the sake of visa.

(iv) Applicants who have given up their Pakistani citizenship in the past should provide documentary proof of the same by furnishing a copy of certificate of renunciation of their Pakistani citizenship. 

(v) If an applicant does not have a Pakistani Passport but holds a National Identity Certificate (NIC) or National Identity Certificate for Overseas Pakistani (NICOP), he/she should submit a notarized statement declaring the facts about holding a Pakistani NIC or NICOP and not holding a Pakistani passport.

(vi) Applicants would be required to produce all their existing passports which would be returned after inspection. Visa officers may, however, at their discretion ask for previous passports also. 

(vi) In case of naturalized foreign citizens of Pakistani origin, such as where the applicant or his/her parent(s) was/were born in Pakistan or Pakistan held areas, applicant should provide certificate of naturalization as a foreign citizen. 

(vii) Applicants of Pakistani origin born outside Pakistan should submit their birth certificate issued by the local authority. 

(viii) To save time, applicants are free to fill up the proforma given below and send it by email to VFS in advance, so that requirement of any additional documents can be conveyed to the applicants before submission of application at the service centre.