About Us FAQs on Young Professionals Scheme

FAQs on Young Professional Scheme

  • Who can apply?

You should be a UK national with the age between 18 to 30 years having a valid graduation degree. You must provide proof of funds equivalent of INR 2,50,000.00/- held for a minimum period of 30 days at the time of submission of application.

  • What will be the duration of stay?

The YPS programme will allow for a multiple entry visa for a period not exceeding 24 months.

  • What can you do while in India?

You will get an opportunity to visit India for appreciation of India’s rich cultural heritage, diverse Indian ethos, exposure to work life with the liberty of undertaking appropriate employment as an incidental part of their stay.

  • What are the foreseeable Employment opportunities in India under YPS?

You may take up appropriate employment as an incidental part of you stay. You can not undertake employment as a professional sportsperson, or in sectors like Defence, Telecom, Space Technologies, Construction/ Strategic Infrastructure projects, Mining, Civil Aviation, Petroleum & Natural Gas exploration, private Security Agencies, Human Rights, Nuclear Energy, Environment related projects and Dams.

  • What are the registration formalities post arrival in India?

You have to register with Foreigners Regional Registration Office/ Foreigners Registration Office (FRRO/FRO) concerned within 14 calendar days of arrival in India.