About Us Application Process


If you are willing to visit India under the Young Professionals Scheme programme, you can submit a duly filled application through the designated service provider VFS Global [https://services.vfsglobal.com/gbr/en/ind/]. You must apply for a E-1 Visa while categorically indicating the purpose as “application under the India-UK YPS programme”.

How to fill visa application form under YPS category:

  • On Online Visa Application page, choose Employment visa in Visa Type and then select “All cases of Employment (except intra-company transferees and employment in NGOs)” under Purpose category.

  • In Applicant Details Form, fill in your personal particulars as per your Passport.

  • In Family Details Form, under “Present Occupation” choose “Others” and in the next field write Occupation detail as “India-UK YPS programme”. If you have already received a job offer from some company, then you can fill in the employer’s details, else you can write NA. In the past occupation field, if you have any past occupation then you can choose your previous occupation from the list else you can leave it blank.

  • In the Visa Details Form, fill in the professional qualification. If you have already received an offer letter from a company than you can fill the requisite details as per the offer letter, else you can write NA in other fields and “0” in Monthly Salary Column. Choose duration of Visa as 24 months and Number of entries as Multiple. In Reference In India field, in case you have received offer letter from some company then you can write details of the company, else you can mention the details of the place where you are likely to reside.