About Us Visa to Afghan Nationals

Government has created a special sub-category of ‘e-Emergency X-Misc. Visa’ for Afghan nationals wishing to travel to India. The visa application can be made online at https://indianvisaonline.gov.in The applicant will be required to upload copies of passport and National Identity Card of Afghanistan (Tazkira), which are mandatory, as well as proof of residence in Afghanistan (optional) and any proof of employment/occupation in Afghanistan (optional).

2. In addition, it has been decided that previously issued physical visas to all Afghan nationals, who are presently not in India, stand invalidated. All Afghan nationals are advised to apply for ‘e-Emergency X-Misc. Visas’ as mentioned above.

3. Afghan nationals who travel to India on the basis of this new ‘e-Emergency X-Misc. Visa’ will need to mandatorily register themselves with the nearest FRRO/FRO within 7 days of arrival in India. If they move subsequently to another location in India, they will need to again mandatorily register with FRRO/FRO there.