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CANCELLATION OF APPOINTMENT: Please send email to appt.london@mea.gov.in from the same email ID mentioned in the appointment confirmation, requesting to cancel the appointment with subject “REQUEST TO CANCEL APPOINTMENT”. Attach appointment confirmation and current passport copy with the email.

RESCHEDULE APPOINTMENT: Rescheduling of appointment is not allowed. Applicants can request to cancel the appointment and then book a new appointment.

Passport Expired by 30.6.2021: The Indian Passport holders whose passports have expired by 30.6.2021 and have not been able to renew their passports due to Covid restrictions, are advised to send their details to passport.london@mea.gov.in to arrange a priority appointment.

Global Pravasi Rishta Portal : Government of India has launched a Global Pravasi Rishta Portal with the primary objective to establish a network between the members of India diaspora and the Indian Missions/Posts abroad. For effective interaction, all members of the Indian diaspora in the UK are, therefore, requested to spare a few minutes and register themselves, by clicking: https://pravasirishta.gov.in/home