About Us Advisory for Indian citizens in the UK and those intending to visit the UK

1. A number of incidents have come to the attention of the High Commission involving fraudsters having telephonically cheatedsome Indian nationals by posing as officers from UK Home Office/ UK immigration/ UKBA. These fraudsters extort money from Indian nationals, claiming that mistakes were noticed in their passports, visa forms, immigration forms etc. and that they should deposit money (as demanded by these fraudsters) to have these mistakes rectified or else they will be deportedor imprisoned in UK. In some cases, these fraudsters have also falsely claimed that they received such information about Indian nationals from the High Commission of India in London, other authorities in India, British High Commission in New Delhi etc.

2. This is to clarify that the High Commission does not send any such notifications to UK authorities. If there is any issue, the High Commission contacts the concerned Indian national, directly using the official email ID of the High Commission ending with @mea.gov.in 

3. Indian nationals are advised not to entertain suspicious telephone calls and they should never part with their money in response to such calls. Indian nationals are further advised to immediately notify the local police and also report the matter online to Action Fraud  (www.actionfraud.police.uk ) or by calling Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. They may also notify about such calls to their university(in case of students), their employers/ sponsors(in case of work permit holders) and to this High Commission at email ID: [email protected]

4.It is further requested that details of such calls may be submitted to the High Commission at 
 [email protected] in the format provided below.