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NIT for publicity - Tender No. NCPOR/PS/DOM-17/GT-12 for Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Testing of Containerised TV-Guided Grab & SFOS

Posted on: February 16, 2024 | Back | Print

Director, National Centre for Polar & Ocean Research (NCPOR) invites sealed tenders in two-parts (part I - Technical bid & part II Financial bid) super scribing Tender No. Item and due date from well established / reputed manufacturers authorized and bonafide vendors for Supply, Installation, Commissioning of Containerised TV­ Guided Grab & SFOS items:-



Tender No.

Item Description






l 7/GT-12

Supply, Installation, Commissioning

& Testing of Containerised TV- Guided Grab (TVG) & Seafloor

Observation System (SFOS)



 INRS. 70,00,000/-

US$       85,000.00/-

Bid Submission End date:     19/03/2024 17.00 hrs

Bid Opening Date:                 20/03/2024 I 1 0.30 hrs

Pre-bid Conference Date:       26/02/2024 I 11.00 hrs (Online Mode)

Bidders can download tender document from NCPOR website http://www.ncpor.res.in OR CPP portal https://eprocure.gov.in/epubl ish/app

Tender Bids will be accepted in the Manual/ Physical form only. NCPOR is not responsible for any postal delays.

The quotations will be opened on 20/03/2024 in the presence of tenderers or their authorized representatives present if any. The Director, NCPOR reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation in full or part thereof without assigning any reason.