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Quotations Invited: Empanelment of Packers

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The High Commission of India in London is in the process of empanelling packers/ forwarding agents for undertaking packing and transportation/moving jobs in respect of our officers/diplomats. We have about 30-35 movements every year and these are related to transfer back to India and third countries stretching all over the world.

In this connection, it may be noted that in the case of transfers to India, the role of a packing firm is limited to packing and transportation of the goods upto the warehouse of the agents of Shipping Corporation of India, (SCI) in London only. However, the firm/packer is required to raise the insurance in respect of the baggage of officials upto the residence in India and not only upto the warehouse of the agent of Shipping Corporation of India in London. However, in the case of transfers to other countries, role of a firm/packer would involve packing, handling, forwarding, transportation, custom clearance and other related work.

If your firm is interested to be listed as one of the panel packers of the High Commission of India, London, we will be grateful for following:

Quotation in the attached proformea:

List of countries where your company has corresponding agents or its own subsidiary branches.

Application may be forwarded at following address:

Mr. Sunil Kumar,

Head of Chancery,

High Commission of India,

India House, Aldwych, WC2B 4NA

Final decision to empanel packers rests solely with the High Commission of India, London.