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Open Tender Notice NIT No : RCB/GTE/01/24-25/EH - Supply, installation and commissioning of Electrophorisis Horizontal at Regional Centre for Biotechnology Faridabad 121001

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Supply, installation and commissioning of Electrophorisis Horizontal at Regional Centre for Biotechnology Faridabad 121001.

Open Tender Notice NIT No : RCB/GTE/01/24-25/EH. On behalf of Executive Director, RCB, Faridabad, online bids are invited in two bid system (Techno-Commercial Bid and Financial Bid) from eligible and qualified firms/manufacturer for supply, installation and commissioning of following items-
Horizontal Electrophoresis System with Power Pack  
Qty-2  EMD-45000/-
Bid Document Download/Sale Start Date -22.04.2024
Pre Bid Meeting date -29.04.2024 at 1500 Hrs
Bid Submission End Date & Time- 22.05.2024 at 1500 Hrs
Bid Opening Date & Time -22.05.2024 at 1530 Hrs
1. Bids shall be submitted online only at the DBT E-Wizard Portal website: https://dbt.euniwizarde.com.
2. The Bidder shall download the Tender Enquiry Document directly from the website https://dbt.euniwizarde.com and shall not tamper/modify it including downloaded Price Bid template in any manner. In case if the same is found to be tempered/modified in any manner, Tender/Bid will be summarily rejected.
3. The complete bidding process is online. Bidders should be possession of valid Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) of class III for online submission of bids. Prior to bidding DSC need to be registered on the website mentioned above.
4. Bidders are advised to follow the instructions provided in the “Instructions for Online Bid Submission” in Para No. 11 of GIB of Tender Enquiry Document.
5. Bidders are advised to visit this website regularly to keep themselves updated, for any changes / modifications in the Tender Enquiry Document. REGIONAL CENTRE FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY NCR BIOSCIENCE CLUSTER, FARIDABAD NOTICE INVITING TENDERS (NIT) 3
6. Intending bidder are advised to visit the DBT E-Wizard Portal website https://dbt.euniwizarde.com regularly till closing date of submission of bid, for any corrigendum.
7. The documents to be submitted in their bid may be scanned with 100 dpi with black and white option which helps in fast uploading.
8. The EMD shall be paid on eWizard, failing which the bid shall be summarily rejected. 9. The bidders are advised to mention Item No. on each document while uploading CDSCO Certificate/License, Quality Certificate i.e. ISO//CE/ISI/USFDA/ IP/BP/USP, Test Report for Drug Items, Import License for Drug Items, Manufacturing License for Drug Items of Original Manufacturer.