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Request for Publicity of Open tender enquiry T/T212/22/1316N/3 for "FORGING FOR LP SHAFT (ROUGH MACHINED)" Due for opening on 28.10.2023, extended to 08/11/2023

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The Heavy Electricals Equipment Plant (HEEP) located in Haridwar, India is one of the major manufacturing plants of Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd – A Government of India Undertaking.

The core business of HEEP includes design and manufacture of large steam and gas turbines, turbo generators, hydro turbines and generators and so on.

BHEL has published an open tender T/T212/22/1316N/3 for "FORGING FOR LP SHAFT (ROUGH MACHINED)" Due for opening on 28.10.2023.  NIT copy is enclosed. The tender is hoisted on following websites:

  1. https://hwr.bhel.com (NIT no 10534)
  2. https://www.bhel.com/ (NIT no 77532)

The details of the tender along with required documents are available at above mentioned websites.