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Clarification of the Queries.

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With reference to the bidding for Request for Proposal (RFP) for selection of Knowledge Partner for AIP-II Programme. A clarification meeting was held on June 18, 2019 at India House with interested bidders. During the meeting the following queries were raised and answer to each query is given below :

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Para 3.1 point 3 : Please define your understanding of the Role of a nodal point contact in London

As mentioned in Para 3.1.3 a dedicated team of persons to carry out work on day-today basis for liaison with the HCI and also to implement AIP-II


Para 3.1 point 3 : The need for a London based technical team.

To provide support in the AIP implementation.



Para 3.1. Point 10 : Who bears the cost of the kickoff event and subsequent workshops ?

Cost to be borne by selected Knowledge Partner. However, if the event is held in HCI, the venue would be provided free of cost by HCI.


Para 3.1. Point 12 : Any promotion Budget assumed for social Platforms ?

Bidder to assume promotion budget and factor it in the financial bid.


Para 3.3 and Para 2.2 : Can you confirm the list of current Associate Partners such that we can understand who provides what service (and therefore which areas that we support would be 'chargeable' when supporting a company)?  Please confirm the process by which HCI intends to amend the Associate Partner list in this contract period and the 'Roles' mentioned that HCI is looking to appoint

KP selected would work with HCI to define the role of Associate Partners.



Para 3.5 : The Year 1 tender was for an initial period of 1 year but provided for the ability to extend.  Since this has not taken place (as I understand due to a technical matter), what assurance can HCI provide that such extension can be granted without the need to re-tender again after this contract period (for Year 3 etc.).

Para 3.5 and 3.7 are clear.



What is the total anticipated volume of companies assumed to be supported by the programme each year

AIP -II is expecting selection of minimum of 20 new companies along with hand-holding 50 companies that have already been selected in the 1st year of AIP. If the engagement is extended the KP would have to help select 20 new companies and hand hold the already selected companies.


Presentation in soft copy

Proposal should be delivered by hand ( ref. Para 4.4.1 and 4.4.2) and soft copy of Technical Presentation can be mailed a day before the bid submission date of 27/6/2019


Can we see the status of 1st AIP companies for calculations the cost of facilitation? (F/A)

Can be found at Status of AIP - 1 Companies


How do we match H1, H2 etc

Para 4.7 is clear


Project Monitoring System – server space / hosting / GDPR / transition after Year-1. Assuming the development, maintenance charge-outs for the year will be included in the proposal. Please clarify

While HCI would hand over existing PMS and programme tools the KP would have to further improve and maintain these. Hence, the cost should accordingly be incorporated in the bid.


Current website of AIP is copyrighted to UKIBC will that shift to us. Please clarify

As explained above in 11


This clarification shall form an integral part of and are to be read with the original RFP document uploaded on June 6, 2019.