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General Visa Information

General information related to Visa


Electronic Visa

Question - How do I apply for an E-visa to India?

Please note Electronic Visa is not handled by the Indian Missions in abroad, please refer to website . For more information, please contact their helpdesk

Contact number 91-11-24300666 

Email id 

Please note that HCI London has no role in the grant or refusal of E-Visa.


Regular Tourist Visa

Question - How to apply for a Regular Visa?

The Regular Visa service has been outsourced to VFS (UK) and the application will have to be deposited with one of its centres. For appointment and more information please check link

Phone Number: -   02037938629/02036959849

E-mail: -          

You may also contact the HCI London Public Response Unit at 02086295950 or email at or for advice.


Question - When does the validity of the Visa begin?

The validity of the visa begins from the date it is issued and not from the date of your departure mentioned on the application form.


Question - What are the normal processing times?

Processing times vary from application to application and is at the sole discretion of the High Commission of India and its Consulates in the UK, and some applications may take longer than others to get processed. Hence, confirm your travel plans only after obtaining the appropriate visa. For more information refer to link


Question - Can I send my application directly to the High Commission of India or its respective consulate in Birmingham or Edinburgh? Where does it go if I have done so?

No. The High Commission of India or its consulates doesn’t accept any application in post. All the Visa/Passport/Select Consular and Surrender of Indian services are outsourced to VFS. All Postal application (Visa Only) must be sent to our Hounslow Application Centre ONLY. Applications sent to any other office will be returned without processing.  


Question - Can I confirm all my travel bookings before getting the visa?

No bookings or travel arrangements should be confirmed until a visa decision has been made. Mission or VF Services will not be responsible for any loss of bookings made in anticipation of obtaining a Visa.


Question - How we will check the Visa status?

Please send an email to the Public Response Team or if the application was submitted to HCI London.


Question - If I send an email asking about the status of my application – what information do I need to first provide?

When sending an email to the Public Response Team – please ensure that you include details such as your full name, the centre you have applied through, your passport number, date of birth. This will help us to identify your case more quickly. Please note that further details may be asked from you through correspondence. 


Question - If I am unable to provide the last 2 years utility bills as proof of being a UK resident – how do I continue with the process?

You can fill up a Non-UK Form through the website or at the visa centre. The minimum processing time for Non-UK Passport holders (resident in the UK for less than 2 years) is minimum 10-15 working days.


Question - If I have filled out a Form for a Minor – who has to sign the application?

Applications for Minors (under the age of 16) must be signed for by the Parent or Guardian otherwise they cannot be accepted. In case of postal applications – the documents will be returned to the applicant if the signatures are missing. The parents are required to provide a consent letter along with the copy of the passport for the Minor child’s application. 


Question - What are the Urgent Business Visas?

Urgent Business Visa applications are accepted from those applicants for who need to urgently travel to India on Business only. These applications are solely accepted through our India Visa Application Centre on 142-148, Goswell Road, London EC1V 7DU. Applications must be submitted from 8.30 AM and before 11.00 AM otherwise they cannot be accepted. UBV applications are submitted to the High Commission the same day and if the visa is granted – the passports can be collected the same evening from the visa centre. Urgent Business Visa Applications can also be submitted at out Birmingham and Edinburgh Applications centres as per the Jurisdiction. For more details visit link


Question - Can I apply for a visa to India through the London High Commission if I am outside of the UK?

Applications through any of the missions within the United Kingdom should be done by applicants who are physically present in the country. 


Question - Can the application form be edited once it is completed or printed?

The online form cannot be edited once it has been printed. Please ensure that you verify all the information you enter before you finally submit the application and take a print out. IN case of an error, you would have to redo a new application form


Question - How do I retrieve the form if I have not completed it?

At the start and on each subsequent page of the online form there is a unique temporary ID that is generated at the top of the page. This number must be correctly noted for you to be able to retrieve your application before it is printed.


Question - Can I make a payment online?

Payments can be made for your application online however you do also have the facility to make a payment at the visa centre itself when you come to submit your documents.


Question - What does a V.A.F stamp mean?

If you have received your passport back with a stamp marked V.A.F. it does not mean that your visa has been refused. Visa Applied For (V.A.F) is stamped on your passport when the High Commission or it’s Consulate Generals require further processing on your application. 


Question - How we will book an appointment with the VFS?

Please refer to or you can contact VFS on 0203 793 8629, 203 788 4666.


Question – Can I opt in for a walk-in service to submit an application for Visa?

Walk- in Service is available for applicants strictly between 8:30am – 10:30 AM ONLY. The service will be available on ‘First Come-First Serve Basis’. Limited seats available per day. Applicants should visit the below mentioned offices only between the above specified hours. Service will be offered on all working days (except for days declared as Consular Holidays on the website). Service available only at these application centres - Goswell Road, London & Hounslow, London


Question - Where can I get information on the addresses of the Visa Centres in the United Kingdom?

Information on the location and timings of all our visa centres can be found on


Question - How do I withdraw my application and will I get a refund?

If you wish to withdraw your application you are required to visit the application centre and submit your withdrawal request. Furthermore, as per our refund policy all fees are not refundable / transferable even if you do not make or proceed with a visa application, and whether or not a visa is ultimately granted.


Emergency Visa


Question - How to apply Emergency Visa?


Procedure for submission of Emergency Visa application

  • Emergency Visa is issued in cases of genuine emergency like death or serious illness of immediate family member (blood relation with proof of relationship) subject to production of supporting documentary evidence from India like death certificate/Hospital certificate duly signed and stamped.
  • Applications for Emergency Visa may be filled online ( ) and submitted at the High Commission along with the print out of the online visa application form, passport valid for a minimum of 180 days with at least two blank pages, 2 photographs (50mm x 50mm) and £168 (£110 Tourist visa fees + £3 Consular surcharge + £55 as Emergency Tourist visa fee) in cash.  Kindly note that we do not accept other modes of payment for this category of visa. Please note that all applicants have to fill a Regular Tourist paper visa application form.
  • The application in case of minors (below 16 years) needs to be submitted along with documents in original and self-attested copy of the following: Marriage certificate, Birth certificate (full version), Consent form duly signed by both the parents and self-attested copies of their current passport. The application form may be signed by either of the parents or both. A custody order from the Court is required in required in respect of children, whose parents are legally separated.
  • Application for Emergency Visa (with supporting documents from India like Death Certificate/Hospital/Doctor's certificate) has to be submitted in person at the High Commission of India, Aldwych, London, from 1000 hrs to 1730 hours on any working day and from 1000 hours to 1700 hrs during Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
  • All conditions applicable to Tourist visa will be applicable as detailed in service provider’s website
  • The decision of the High Commission in this matter shall be final.