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Registration of Indian Nationals for Repatriation to India

Repatriation of Indian Citizens By Non-Scheduled Commercial Flights - 30.06.2020 

List of Quarantine Centres in West Bengal 28.06.2020

Travel of OCI card holders/ Other Foreign National to India/ Registration

Vande Bharat Evacuation Flights

List of Volunteers in the Jurisdiction of the Consulate General of India, Birmingham

Advisory for extension of visa for those Indian citizens whose UK visa expires between 24 January and 31 July 2020- 23.05.2020

Additional Emergency Contact Numbers

Ticket fare details to Non- Scheduled Commercial Flights

GoI to facilitate for return of Indian Nationals stranded abroad from May 7 onwards -05.05.2020   

Frequently Asked Questions- 27.03.2020

Emergency Visa Form 12.03.2020

Message from the High Commissioner of India--03.04.2020

List of Volunteers - COVID-19- 31.03.2020

Visa Guidance from the UK government in connection with travel restrictions due to COVID19- 24.03.2020

Text of Hon'ble PM, Mr Narendra Modi's address to the nation on Vital aspects relating to the menace of COVID-19 - 24.03.2020

Press release by High Commissioner of India, Mrs Ruchi Ghanashyam on COVID-19- 23.03.2020

Travel Advisory - 19.03.2020

Advisory for the Indian citizens living in the UK- 19.03.2020

Frequently Asked Questions- 18.03.2020

Travel advisory for passengers from Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia - 17.03.2020

Travel advisory- 16.03.2020

Advisory on Consular and Other Services- 13.03.2020

Travel Advisory - 13.03.2020

Frequently Asked Questions- 13.03.2020

Travel advisory for all those intending to travel to India, including Indian citizens and OCI card holders, 11.3.2020

Travel advisory for the citizens of France, Germany and Spain, 10.3.2020

COVID- 19: Travel Advisory 3.3.2020