About Us Clarification regarding Name Change / Discrepancy in Name (s)

1. In some cases of applications for OCI services, names of the applicants or parents do not match in different documents required for OCI services. Such a mismatch could be due to the use of different alphabets in the spellings of the names or there may be slight differences in the way the middle or family names are placed in different documents. Such cases are different from those which involve formal change of name.

2. OCI services, like all other Government-delivered services, especially identity-related are governed by the administrative procedures followed by the Government of India, wherein uniformity of name and spelling of names is a pre requisite in all kinds of documents.

3. Hence, in any case of different spellings of names, applicants must submit an affidavit issued by a UK Notary public explaining the cause for the difference / mismatch in the name (s) in different documents, additionally stating that all these documents relate to the same applicant.

However, in cases where a name has been formally changed, applicants will have to submit the name change deed.