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Tender Notice - Invitation for bids for 'contract services for 5 unarmed Security Guards for providing security at HCI, London

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 Please Note :  Date for Invitation of Tenders for 'contract' services for five (5) full-time unarmed Security Guards for providing security at the High Commission of India, London, India House, Aldwych, London has been extended till 7 April 2023





High Commission of India


Sealed quotations are invited for 'contract' services for five (5) full-time unarmed Security Guards for providing security at the High Commission of India, London, India House, Aldwych, London.   Detailed Scope of Work, Qualification Standards and other details are available at www.hcilondon.gov.in and http://eprocure.gov.in/cppp under the head 'Tenders'

The last date for receipt of bids is 15 March (Extended till 7 April 2023)



Subject:      Tender Notice - Invitation for bids for 'contract services for 5 unarmed Security Guards for providing security at the High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London’

The High Commission of India, London (hereinafter referred to as HCI) invites sealed tenders from professional and reputed security companies/firms for providing contract services for 5(Five) full-time unarmed Security Guards (04 Male + 01 Female) for providing security at HCI, India House, Aldwych, London, WC2B 4NA.

  1. Tenders are invited under ‘two bid’ systems viz. separate Technical Bid and Financial Bid from reputed and experienced firms having regular offices preferably in London.
  2. The tender document can be downloaded from the following websites www.hcilondon.gov.inwww.http://eprocure gov.in/cppp   Bidders are requested to carefully read through the terms and conditions contained in the bid document.
  3. The Tenders should be submitted in two sealed envelopes, as below:

(a)  The first sealed envelope superscripted  "Technical Bid" should contain   details of the technical capabilities of the firm (with documentary evidence) as per section – IV below.


(b)  The second sealed envelope superscripted "Financial Bid" should contain rates only for the contract as per section V of the Tender Document.

(c)  The above-stated two sealed covers should be placed together in one larger sealed envelope, superscripted "Tender for Contract Services for Security Guards, 2023" addressed to the Head of Chancery, High Commission of      India, India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA. This must reach on or     before 15 March (Extended till 7 April 2023) by Registered Post  or may be handed over, against proper receipt, to The Head of Chancery, High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA.

 (d)  Envelopes should indicate the name and address of the Tenderer to identify the bid and to enable the bid to be returned unopened in case it is declared ‘late’ or ‘rejected’. Offers received through Fax/E-mail or open letter shall be ignored. HCI will not be responsible for any postal delay.

(e)  The Tenderer should submit a certificate along with the tender, confirming that their firm would provide a prescribed 5% of the annual contract value as a security deposit in the form of a demand draft drawn on any Commercial Bank, or a Bank Guarantee, in favour of High Commission of India, London immediately once the tender is awarded. Failing this, the tender may be     awarded to any other bidder. The certificate should have the signature of an authorized signatory of the service provider company. The security firm   awarded the contract must furnish a Performance Guarantee for an amount of 5% of the annual contract value at the time of award of the contract, through the issue of a Demand Draft in favour of the High Commission of    India, London or in the form of a Bank Guarantee. The Performance Guarantee would remain valid for the entire duration of the contract, plus three months after the completion of the contract.

(f) All quotations must be neatly typed/computer printed. A handwritten offer will be rejected. All quotations should have the date and signature of the      authorised signatory of the service provider company, with the company’s official seal or stamp.  

(g) HCI will not  compensate for any expense or losses which may be incurred by the Tenderer in the preparation and submission of his Tender.

  1. The contract would be valid for two years and could be extended by HCI for one more year or until terminated by HCI with 01(one) month prior notice, at the same cost, terms and conditions, depending upon the performance of the company
  2.     Exit Clause: The High Commission of India, London reserves the right to revoke the contract at any time during the contract period, without citing any reason, by giving one-month advance notice to revoke the contract.
  3. After examining the technical bids of all the quotations received, and being fully satisfied based on the above criteria, security firms will be shortlisted. Financial bids of only those shortlisted firms will thereafter be opened.High Commission reserves the right to disqualify any security firm during Technical Evaluation.
  4. HCI reserves the right to amend any of the terms and conditions contained in the Tender Document or reject any, or all, applications/offers without giving any notice or assigning any reason thereof. The decision of HCI in this regard shall be final and binding upon the bidders.
  5. Important dates in the process are as under:

Sl No.

Key Event



Date of publication of bids

23 February, 2023


Last date of submission of bids

15 March,  2023 (Revised till 7 April)


Date of opening of Technical Bids (Participant bidders may wish to be present)

17 March  2023 at 1500 hrs. ( Revised 12 April 2023)


Venue for pre-bid and opening of bids

Committee Hall, 1st Floor, India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA


  1. All bidders are requested to read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract before submitting their bids. No change or violation of the aforementioned terms and conditions is permissible once the quotation is accepted by HCI.
  2. For any tender-related inquiry/clarification/site visit, please contact the India House Security Office via email- [email protected]


(Head of Chancery)




Subject:      Tender Notice for hiring of 05(Five) Local Security Guards (LSGs) for High Commission of India, London



  1. General requirements:
  1. HCI needs a team of 5 (five) security guards to carry out protective security tasks such as access control, patrolling, X-ray mail and luggage scan, escorts, and protection of assets (people, equipment and information). Man guarding     services must be provided on-site permanently. The duty hours for each      security guard are 09:15 to 17:45 hours (8 hours a day) 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) [40 hrs a week].
  2. In addition to providing daily security services, HCI may request the provision of additional security services on Saturdays and Sundays and also beyond office hours on an ad-hoc basis. Depending on the security situation and the sensitivity of the event, HCI may require additional security guards per event. 


  1. Access Control of the premises may include:


  1. Checking of Visitors/ Entry/Exit of visitors/vehicles to be recorded in the register.
  2. Scanning of baggage and disallowing cell phones/electronic equipment, etc.
  • Patrolling (Internal & External), Static position key control, fire alarms, lift alarms, sewage alarms, CCTV monitoring & emergency first aid.
  1. Carrying out searching/frisking as defined by security threat/HCI’s internal procedure.
  2. Evacuations during fire/emergencies under the directions of the Head of Mission, Chief Security Officer(CSO)/Assistant Personal & Welfare Officer(AP&WO) by following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the High Commission.
  3. Protection of India House/employees following emergency procedures and Standard Operating Procedures of HCI during protests/demonstrations, civil unrest etc.
  • Escorting visitors during their internal movement at HCI as directed by CSO/APWO.
  • Contacting the CSO/APWO on incidents leading to the breach of security like:


  1. a) Trespass or any attempted breaches.
  2. b) Break-ins and forcible/illegal entry or any other illegal practices/acts threatening HCI security/violating the sanctity of the diplomatic premises.
  3. c) Any attempt by a staff member to bring prohibited items, 
  4. d) Compromise or potential compromise of the security environment.
  5. e) Any activity/ incident that is not part of the regular day-to-day activities of personnel or HCI functions.


  1. The deployment of Security Guards would be at the High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych London WC2B 4NA, or if required, at The Nehru Centre, 8 Audley Street, London or as decided by CSO/APWO.

Section-III (Terms & Conditions)

  1. Quality parameters for LSGs - (To be submitted as part of Technical Bid)





LSGs should not be more than 50 years of age and Supervisor should not be more than 55 years of age. The LSGs should submit certification of qualification after being security trained in a Government recognized institution. They should have a minimum of 3 years experience in guarding any other Diplomatic Mission/Govt./Semi-Govt./ Autonomous body in the UK.



LSG should have attended education at least up to ‘A’ level in the UK.



LSG should be proficient in English. Some basic knowledge of Hindi language, would be an additional asset.



LSG should be physically and mentally fit and should not suffer from an apparent disability. Security Firm should submit Medical/Fitness Certificate for every LSG from an authorized Medical practitioner. 



LSG should have been vetted by the Local Government's Security Department(s) in terms of past record, character and antecedents. The service provider should be able to provide details of the Security Guard and also proof of their vetting.



LSG should perform their duty in smart uniform or officewear. Their overall appearance should be neat and clean. Their uniforms shall enable clear distinction from all other persons within the HCI premises but logos or company branding will not be allowed.  The Security Firm shall also provide its personnel with an identification tag, displaying the name of the individual.



LSG must be trained to a competent standard in the use of the following security equipment (LSG competence will be tested):


a) hand-held metal detector/walk-through metal detector

b)  X-ray machine operation and image interpretation

c)   external and internal vehicle searches.

d)  use of handheld radios and security cameras (CCTV)

e)   first aid and fire-fighting equipment.

The LSGs should be security professionals with profound experience and skill quotient in the field.



All Security Staff must possess certification of qualification from a UK Government recognized institution in unarmed combat (UAC), should have an impressive bearing and personality with appropriate Body Mass Index (BMI) of 26 or below.



The security firm shall provide training to  all its employees with regard to the specific requirements of HCI prior to their deployment. The details of each training shall be provided to HCI before the start of services. This initial training shall at least consist of the following:

a)      Training for a minimum of 8 hours with regard to HCI assignment/instructions.

b)      Training for a minimum of 8 hours related to HCI access control system.

c)      One day shift for familiarization to the assignment on the expense of the contractor (at no charge to the HCI).

d)      Training in hand to hand combat. LSGs             should be trained to deal with threatening situations such as sudden grabs, attempted strangulation or physical submission, defense and counter defence against fire arms, improvised weapons and knives or  forced intrusion.


  1. Quality parameters for security firms/companies: (To be submitted as part of Technical Bid)





Provide a list of other clients to which the company is serving in terms of supply of LSGs in the UK and/or any other countries to ascertain the level of security experience that the bidder possesses.




Submit a brief of past experience, service history, achievements of company.



Submit evidence of registration of the company under relevant statutory regulations such as labour laws applicable in the host country.



Any other security services other than manpower services provided to other clients should be enumerated.



Provide information on the size of the reserve pool of personnel and logistics such as response time, patrol vehicles/security equipment/control room facilities/communication equipment etc.



Annual attrition rate of security guards and security supervisors.



Does the company have its own training facilities? If so, details thereof. If it has a tie-up with another provider or a company that focuses on training; please provide details. What is the curriculum and duration of training of security guards and supervisors?



Security Firm must submit a copy of the security related topics covered during training schedule of the guards including Refresher courses, training imparted, mode of training etc.



Industry certification obtained by the company for its quality, company relationship with local police.



Scope and limits of  liability of the company in terms of compensation for its security failures in monetary terms.



Information on take home pay and allowances of the LSGs.



 Should have previous experience concurrently serving 03 diplomatic Mission/Govt./quasi Govt./Semi Govt./Autonomous body/ Embassy/ Consulate OR equivalent high value business,  for at least 03 years. A list of such client, may be provided with evidence.



Tenderer must be willing to allow HCI to  conduct an inspection of a Tenderer; facilities and equipment; (b) interview of key management and guarding personnel and customers for whom the Tenderer has previously worked (c)  inspect  the security, first aid and fire fighting training programs provided to the Tenderer's security staff (d) permit HCI to outsource the financial viability checking for a tender to a Consultant, if required.



Security Firm should be Security Industry Authority (SIA) approved with National Security Inspectorate (NSI) guarding ‘Gold Certification’. Security Firm should have accreditation to the latest ISO9001:2015. Security Firm should furnish proof of valid certification.


  1. Other terms and conditions :
  1. Penalty Clause: In case of any loss to the property of HCI, life or limb of HCI staff/visitors etc. due to negligence of LSG or substandard services of the security firm, damages will be assessed by a Committee formed by HCI who will fix the amount of liability of the Security Firm. In case of any damages, the security deposit of 5% will be withheld/forfeited as a penalty. The        decision of HCI regarding fixing damage/defect liability and  withholding/forfeiting of security charges will be final and binding on the Security Firm.
  1. Medical Facility: Transportation to the designated workplace, food, medical and other statutory requirements in respect of each person of the security firm shall be the responsibility of the security firm.
  1. Security Deposit: The Performance Guarantee/Security Deposit made out to the value of five per cent (5%) of the Accepted Contract Price in the form of a Bank Guarantee/ Demand Draft shall be submitted by the tenderer once the tender is awarded. Security Bank Guarantee/ Demand Draft shall remain valid for a period of a minimum of 27 months (contract period plus three months) w.e.f. the date of commencement of the contract. In case, the security firm fails to provide the desired services or breaches the contract, the   security deposit will be forfeited.
  1. Firm should provide a certificate that bids are valid for at least 90 days or more from the bid end date 
  1. Arbitration: All disputes and differences between the parties shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of the English Courts. 


  1. Miscellaneous


  1. Security firm should be willing to furnish information about its other clients including the period and type of service rendered in broad terms.
  1. The Security Firm should agree to provide details of salary, gratuity,           allowance, leave, other benefits/facilities etc.
  1. Service providers should agree and be able to provide a choice of LSGs of upto two times of our requirement for an interview to select LSGs  for duty at India House.
  1. It is mandatory to disclose the take-home pay and other allowances including gratuity and leave facilities that Security Firms give to their security guards.
  1. The Company should assure HCI that it has sufficient Security Guards on its roll so that the Security Guards are rotated periodically, if needed.
  1. Security Guards deployed, if required, could also be temporarily used at the events organized by the High Commission outside the premises as well as on some holidays/beyond office hours, with prior notice.
  1. HCI reserves the right to perform security or financial checks and procedures as HCI considers necessary concerning the Tenderer, its officers, employees, partners, associates or related entities (including consortium members and their officers or employees).
  1. The tenderer must deploy candidates who fulfil the minimum requirements specified in Section III, Point-A of the tender specifications. The HCI reserves the right to refuse candidates that are found unsuitable for the assignment. The High Commission reserves the right to deny engagement of specific LSGs without assigning specific reasons.
  1. In case of the absence of LSG due to sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, the Security Firm shall provide a replacement within a maximum of one hour from the starting time of the deployment. The Security Firm shall bear all the additional costs arising out of or incidental to such replacement.
  1. In case of non-performance or misbehaviour/misconduct of whatever nature by an LSG, access to HCI or other premises or property may be refused and HCI might request his/her exclusion from the deployed team. In such cases, the service provider shall provide replacement not later than 48 hrs. after the removal of a security guard(s).
  1. Brief CV of LSGs for a record is mandatory. It should have details such as name, DOB, Place of Birth, Gender, Passport Number, and Nationality (Current and previous, if any). Cell Phone No. Residential address, Education qualification, language spoken and Industry skill certification.
  1. HCI reserves the right to interview any new security guard and supervisor deployed within the contract and provide its opinion to the contractor after the interview. HCI reserves the right to test the competencies before and during the engagement of each contractor’s staff member being assigned to work at the HCI to ensure that the best security services are provided.






          The following details, inter alia, should be included in the TECHNICAL BID in addition to the parameters prescribed in the terms and conditions: -

(i)       Annual business turnover of the company.

(ii)      Number of employees in the company.

(iii)     Registration details of the company in the UK and certification that the company works to industry standards.

(iv)     Experience in providing similar services and period for which the company has been operating.

(v)      Major organization/Embassy/High Commission to which the company has provided services and testimonies about the company's work.

(vi)     Are the security guards SIA (Security Industry Authority, UK) trained and does the company have SIA license? From where and how are the staff supervised and controlled? How security guards are replaced at short notice during sickness etc.?

(vii)    Do the guards have terms of employment (max. Hours allowed to work per week)?

(viii)   Liability and indemnity insurance details of the company.

(ix)     If the written contracts are issued and also to state if the company sub-contracts the services?






The FINANCIAL BID may be submitted in the format as below:



Duty Point/Beat

Required for specified hours

To be covered in how may shifts

No. of LSG in one shift

Total No. of LSG

{(i) x (v)}

Unit Price

*(per hour/ per shift/per month)









Main Entrance Gate

0915 to 1745 hrs






VIP Entrance Gate

0915-1745 hrs






VISA Entrance Gate

0915-1745 hrs






Parking Gate

0915-1745 hrs